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Special Thanks To:  Steve Awodey, Doug Fast, Bab Cadieux, Danny Dine, Mike McKinley & Mike Hill for their assistance in making this album possible.


Engineering:  Baird Hawkins

Cover Phone:  Dave Jackson

Album Design:  Foster Willey, Jr.

Dedicated to the Memory of Joseph P. Hawkins


Note-Lily of the Valley licensed Exclusively by Numero Group-no longer available on Gambler download or streaming

Produced by Baird Hawkins & Dan Pavlides - Roundhouse Productions LTD.  All titles   1979 by Pavlitoones (except where noted) -  All Songs Registered with BMI

The Truth On You


Produced By: Frank Salamone & Dan Pavlides

Engineering: Tim Heldt, John Fritz & Joe McCargar

Mixed By: Frank Salamone & Dan Pavlides with John Fritz, Tim Heldt

Mastered By:  Ken Lee at Sonic Arts Mastering Room, San Francisco, CA

Production Assistance:  Baird Hawkins, Fitz Green

Recorded At:  River City Studios, Grand Rapids, MI

Artwork/Design:  Mary Salamone

Photo Concept: Frank Salamone, Dan Pavlides

Photography: T.E. Halterman/Fotowork


All Songs, Words and Music by Dan Pavlides, Pavlitoones   1988 except & words and music by Frank Salamone & Dan Pavlides  1988 and ** by Bobby Fuller, Maraville Music, Inc  1964  All Songs Registered with BMI

Surprise Me Sometime


Produced by Frank Salamone & Dan Pavlides

Tracks 1-13 recorded and mixed at Soundield Studio, Wyoming, MI

Engineers:  Bill Hendricksen, Mike Knotts


Tracks 14-21 recorded and mixed at River City Studio, Grand Rapids, MI

Engineers:  Tim Heidt, Joe McCargar, John Fritz


Mastered on February 25, 2000 by Rob Roister with Dan Pavlides and Bill Hendricksen at Fast Trax Studios, Jenison, MI


All songs by Frank Salamone and Dan Pavlides

© 2008  Lisa Pavlides.  Design, manufactured and printed by DiskMakers, Pennsuken, NJ USA

All Songs Registered with BMI

Posthumous Releases

© 2021  Lisa Pavlides.  All Songs Registered with BMI


Everythingz Jake-Anthology
Collection of (mostly) not previously released recordings.

The Mine - Single
Original Song by Dan Pavlides
Guyana Diana - Single
Original Song by Dan Pavlides

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